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THE TWENTIES: One hundred years of inspiration

2020 marks the 100-year anniversary of one of the most radical decades of art and design. As the world recovered from the carnage of the Great War, society changed at an unprecedented rate. The western world entered a new era of modernity, casting off tradition and applying new found freedoms to art, architecture and design. Radical changes were adopted in how people dressed, the music they listened to, what their homes looked like and even their mode of transport.

This exhibition brings together contemporary artists and designers from the Wide Bay, who continue to be inspired by the 1920s. The Twenties features handcrafted jewelry, ceramics, couture garments, collage, prints, glass ware, photography and much more. This exhibition charts the continuing influence of Art Deco, Dadaism and other key historical movements.

The Twenties is a FREE exhibition on display at Hinkler Hall of Aviation from the 7th February to the 5th April 2020. Opening night, Thursday the 6th of February, everyone is welcome.

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